Who I Am:

I am a freelance editor, creative writer, and workshop facilitator based in Portland, Oregon. In 2017, I earned my BA in English & Creative Writing from Portland State University with a focus in creative nonfiction. For five years, I was a Senior Prose Editor at Typehouse Magazine where I wrote developmental feedback to submitting writers on their short stories and personal essays. 

What I Offer: 

Developmental Editing
Maybe you’ve written a personal essay or short story, but it’s seen a few lit-mag rejections and you want to know what’s making editors turn it down. Or perhaps you’re looking to take an early draft of your book-length project to the next level. I can help you tackle the big-picture issues keeping your draft from reaching its fullest potential.

As an experienced copy editor, I work word by word with a trained grammatical eye to help ensure your work is ready for submission to contests, magazines, or agents, or that your blog posts are easy to read and ready for publication.

Find a detailed breakdown of my services here.

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