I am a creative writer and editor based in Portland, Oregon.  

In 2013, I fled my Northern California roots and moved to "the big city" of Portland to study English Lit & Creative Writing at Portland State University. I worked in various cafes around the city, making friends and finding creative community over sleepy eyes and wobbly latte art. 

Nine years later, and Portland feels like my second home. 

I was a senior prose editor at Typehouse Literary, a writer-run, print and digital lit-mag, for five years. I am a workshop facilitator and community coordinator with the nonprofit The People's Colloquium, which offer grants to community education in the arts & humanities.

I am also a novice copywriter. I've written CPG copy for landing pages, facebook ads, and email marketing campaigns. I love writing about the things I care about, from artist bios to mushroom coffee to blog content.

My creative writing can be found in lit-mags like JMWW and Little Fictions | Big Truths, as well as zines like Coffee People and print magazines like World Literature Today. I would like to gather my essays and small fictions into a collection, and have someone help me print and distribute that collection someday. 

I drink italianos and live with my cat Binx.