Who I Am

I help writers discover the inherent strengths in their manuscripts and provide practical steps for revision on a structural level.

Hi, I’m Lily Blackburn of Blackburn Editorial. I’m an editor, creative writer, and content editor based in Portland, Oregon.

As a writer myself, I know what it’s like on both sides of the “slush pile.” Submitting your short fiction to a lit-mag, or your book manuscript to an agent, is a super daunting task. How do you stay true to your vision while also preparing your work for traditional or self-publishing?

I work with emerging writers and authors to help them see the inherent strengths in their work and amplify them.

What I Offer

Developmental Editing | Manuscript Consultations | Copyediting 

You might have a second draft of a novel or personal essay and think, something just isn’t working. Or, this novel is huge and I have no idea how to begin revising it. This is where I come in.

Blackburn Editorial is the business I created to help writers see the potential in their draft and navigate the mercurial path of revision so they can submit their writing with confidence.

With a background in copyediting for marketing creatives, I also help digital content writers and marketing professionals develop their newsletters and blog posts, website articles, press releases, and taglines. 

I’m most drawn to autobiographical writing, fiction or nonfiction, where the line between author and protagonist is blurry or (mostly) nonexistent. I also love writing that evokes a strong sense of place.

Ready to work together?

Please use this form to contact me for editing services. Feel free to share details about your manuscript like genre, wordcount, and publishing goals. Or fill me in on your general content editing needs. I'll respond within 72 hours with an author questionnaire. After that, we'll schedule a 15 minute consultation to discuss next steps. 

I look forward to working with you.

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