Lily Blackburn grew up on the Trinity River in rural Northern California. 

She fled her hometown in 2013 for "the big city" of Portland, Oregon so she could study English Lit & Creative Writing at Portland State University. While studying, she worked in various cafes around the city, making friends and finding her creative community over sleepy eyes and wobbly latte art. Eight years later and Portland feels like her second home. 

When she isn't batching your morning brew, she's riding her bike, drinking coffee somewhere she doesn't work, or catching a live show. 

She primarily reads nonfiction - essay collections, book-length essays, criticism and the occasional memoir. 

Her work can be found in zines, like Coffee People, or online at lit-mags like JMWW and Little Fictions | Big Truths, or World Literature Today. She would like to gather her essays and small fictions into a collection and have someone help her print and distribute that collection someday. She drinks italianos and lives with her cat, Binx.