Every work of literature has both a situation and a story. The situation is the context or circumstance, sometimes the plot; the story is the emotional experience that preoccupies the writer: the insight, the wisdom, the thing one has come to say.

Vivan Gornick

I graduated from Portland State University with a BA in English and a creative writing minor in 2017. 

I was a senior prose editor for Typehouse Literary for five years, where I 

  • wrote developmental feedback to hundreds of submitting prose writers on their memoirs and short stories 
  • curated the magazine's blog by gathering pitches from Typehouse contributors, editing and publishing their essays on writing and creativity
  • proofread each magazine issue from front to back before it hit the printers

I will provide line edits and developmental feedback on your personal essay and/or short story with the experience of a lit-mag editor and published writer. 

My evaluation of structure, tone, & character development will be summarized in a personalized, editorial letter.

With constructive, practical steps for revision, I will help you define your situation and story so that every sentence and paragraph speaks to what it is you have come to say.

My edits will include 

  • line edits evaluating grammar and syntax
  • in-line questions / comments / reactions to the piece
  • 1.5 page editorial letter summarizing my comments, addressing structure, tone, and providing practical steps for revision
  • tip jar: in exchange for a tip, I will list 3-5 literary magazines with accompanying deadlines where I think your work might be a good fit

    Get in Touch

    Please use the contact form below to share your word count & publishing goals for your manuscript. 

    Or, to share anything else. Want to collaborate? Start a PNW themed punk trio? Let me know! 

    I look forward to working with you. 

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